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e² Young Engineers – Seattle Eastside

young engineersWelcome to Seattle Eastside Young Engineers website. Your Edutainment home!


Welcome to e² Young Engineers We are more than just an enrichment program. Here at Young Engineers we have developed a creative, challenging and exclusive Edutainment model (Entertainment + Education = Edutainment!) for learning. We use this tool set to educate children on STEM concepts through exciting hands-on experiential learning using motorized LEGO Bricks.


e² Young Engineers believes in the future of engineering, science and the way those fields will change the world for the better. Our focus is on early engagement and we help develop children’s passion for technology and engineering while preparing them to be the next generation of engineers and scientists. We use LEGO® building blocks to introduce children to theoretical and practical aspects in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

e² Young Engineers’ has an original and unmatched approach for engaging young people and getting them to enjoy learning and wanting to create. It has statistically been proven that students participating in e² Young Engineers programs perform better and get better grades than their peers in school.

e² Young Engineers® programs include after-school classes, summer camps, birthday parties, more!

Join us today in the next Education revolution!!

About the Owners:


Thank you for your interest!!

My wife and I are both software engineers working for a top software company in the Seattle Metro area. We have 2 boys – one in elementary school and one in middle school and both have enjoyed helping us get started!

We as parents,recognize the need to expose children to STEM education early in their life so they can be ready for the ever evolving technology driven economy. A solid foundation in STEM education creates critical thinkers, increases science literacy and sets children up for success. However we have found it challenging to find compelling STEM oriented enrichment programs that can keep children engaged, motivated and entertained. Learning should never be a chore and so we have a new concept to offer the community – Edutainement using Legos!

We invite your family to join us in this exciting journey at Seattle Eastside Young Engineers!! We will work hard to earn your trust and strive to evolve our programs to keep up with changing technology trends. We hope you will join us as we share our passion to nurture the next generation of engineering evangelists, enthusiasts and innovators.

Feel free to contact us anytime; we love hearing from our parents..

Nomita & Rohit

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