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Hello, Thank you for visiting our site. Here is a little bit about us.. My wife and I are both software engineers working for a top software company in the Seattle Metro area. We have 2 boys – one in Middle school and one in High school and both are active participants in the company. They help us test and refine our cirriculm all the time :-). As parents we recognize the need to expose children to STEM education early in their life so they can be ready for the ever evolving technology driven economy. A solid foundation in STEM education creates critical thinkers, increases science literacy and sets children up for success. However even though we are in the heart of the Technology landscape in Seattle, we have surprisingingly found it challenging to find compelling STEM oriented enrichment programs that can keep children engaged, motivated and entertained. Learning should never be a chore and so we have a new concept to offer the community – Edutainement using Legos! We invite your family to join us in this exciting journey at Seattle Eastside Young Engineers!! We will work hard to earn your trust and strive to evolve our programs to keep up with changing technology trends. We hope you will join us as we share our passion to nurture the next generation of engineering evangelists, enthusiasts and innovators. Feel free to contact us anytime; we love hearing from our parents.. Nomita & Rohit


Available for Pre-Schools: 4-6 years old Average lesson duration: 45 minutes
Available for Pre-Schools: 4-6 years old Average lesson duration: 45 minutes
Available for Elementary School: 1st – 4th grade Average lesson duration 60 minutes
Available for Elementary School: 1st-5th Grade Average lesson duration: 60-75 minutes
Available for: 4th-8th grade OR Young Engineers’ LEGO® Challenge graduates Average lesson duration: 75 minutes

Available for:
4th-6th grade of graduates of one of the mechanical engineering programs

Average lesson duration:
60/90 minutes

Available for:
6th-9th grade

Average lesson duration:
90 minutes


An exciting and different birthday party experience building LEGO® models

length of the activity:
90/120 minutes


Schools may be out for the summer, but learning doesn’t have to stop

We believe in inclusivity, that is why we offer programs for children of all different abilities.


Building and Playing aren’t just for kids anymore…


Senior Citizen program because learning has no age limit

About Young Engineers

e² Young Engineers was established in 2008. Over the past few years, we have had thousands of students participating in our programs, and over 150 franchisees in more than 45 countries joining our brand. Our goal is to make a revolution in the education sector, and provide children with the skills they need to succeed in the 21st century.


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